Blue River Sports

About Project

Blue River Sports was established in 1982 in Breckenridge, CO. Since the early days of the Internet, they always had an online presence with a website built to accept reservations. In 2014, they decided it was time to upgrade to more modern technology and expand their offering to their customers.

We established a great business relationship and began the planning stages of this project. It was a large undertaking.

Project Information

  • Category: Business
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Start Date: September 01, 2015
  • Website:
  • Project Features
  • Solution
  • Results
Project Features

  • Custom Designed Reservation System
  • Responsive Design
  • Unique Business Reports
  • Mass Email System
  • Custom Customer Area

To get this project going, we had to leave behind the old website developed in C#

  • Use of PHP
  • All New Database Structure
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Custom Ski and Snowboard Length Assignments
  • Realtime Reports
  • Customer Account Area
  • Repeat Reservation Process

Blue River Sports now has a great website accepting a large volume of ski and snowboard reservation each and every season.

  • Higher Customer Satisfaction
  • Greater ROI
  • Elimination of Manual Data Entry
  • Custom Business Reports