Nichols Ski and Snowboard

About Project

Nichols Ski and Snowboard was established in 1954 in Dearborn, MI. Today, the Nichols Family operates out of 2 locations in SE Michigan from September - April every year.

When we started working together, they had a small and outdated static website. Over the years, we've expanded to provide them with a fully operational ecommerce website and updates to a responsive layout making the site easier to use across all devices.

Project Information

  • Category: Business
  • Status: Seasonal Updates
  • Start Date: September 01, 2011
  • Website:
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Project Features

Nichols Ski and Snowboard has taken advantage of the opportunity to expand beyond their storefronts in SE Michigan to sell their inventory around the world. The website is now using Opencart software along with multiple customizations to fit the needs of their business.

  • Responsive Design
  • Shipping Integration
  • Payment Integration
  • Custom Product Option Integration
  • Seasonal Product Entry

Once we started working on this project, we collectively agreed that it was best to start over with a brand new approach.

  • New Software to Incorporate Ecommerce

Today, Nichols Ski and Snowboard now has a website available to sell their products 24/7 that looks great across all devices.

  • Better Online Presence
  • Accepts Orders Online
  • Latest Products Are Shown Online