Standard Practice

Our Attention to Detail

Colorado Website Development

Website Coding & Testing

Our team takes the time to really understand your needs and do the required testing to cut down on future issues

Responsive Layout

Every website we develop uses responsive layout in order to display on all devices and also load fast. 2-3s load time is key for your visitors and search engines

Tracking Changes

We utilize Github to track all of our changes in case we ever need to revert back to something in the past that worked better

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Our Workflow

Path to Website Success

  • Discover
  • Plan
  • Develop
  • Test
  • Launch
Website Project Meeting
Discussion About Your Project

Let's either meet in person or discuss your project over the phone to discover what it is you really want to achieve

  • A meeting to discover your ideas and goals of the new project
  • Let's mix your ideas with a few of ours to make your new website successful
Planning Stages

  • After learning your requirements, we'll put together a plan of action for the coding framework best suited
  • We will decide whether to use an existing CMS (Content Management System), Custom Coding or a combination of the two
Website Planning Discussion
Website Development Code
Code Implementation

  • Once we have the coding languages and / or software decided upon, we'll get busy writing the code
  • We'll write code that is responsive to load fast and display properly on all devices and screen sizes
Thorough Code Testing

  • After all website code is written, we need to test in multiple web browsers and devices to ensure it all works properly
  • We need to make sure all pages load fast in order to lower bounce rates and allow your visitors to not leave before finding the information they need
Website Development Code Testing
Releasing New Website Design
New Website Launch Date

  • Once the design is completed and approved, we'll move the website from our development server to your domain
  • If you are in need of a great web hosting provider, we have one we regulary work with and will refer you to them