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A little bit about me

My name is Doug. I have been a website developer for over 15 years and enjoy working with small businesses to help develop their online presence. I began using computers in the early 90's when I was around 10 years old so I've seen a lot since the days of AOL and Windows 95. A lot has changed since then and I've continually researched and learned newer, more efficient and powerful coding languages so that I can apply my skills when developing your small business website. I first started to teach myself how to code using Microsoft Front Page so that I could use a WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) Editor and then click a tab to see the code that was produced. In college, a good friend of mine was a Computer Science major and he taught me a lot about PHP and MySQL which helped advance my skills a lot.

My curious mind has always helped me to explore other websites and learn the code behind them to improve my own website development skills. Even though I'm capable of a wide range of coding, there's still a lot that could be learned (other coding languages).

I am excited to hear from you and begin to learn about your project needs. I'm based in the Denver Metro area and work with clients all across the US.

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